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Why We Tithe

The first time I heard the word tithe I was twenty four years old. I was just out of college and was at a business convention in Dallas.
I was attending a morning church service, led by several speakers at the conference and I knew none of them had a background in ministry or theology.
Even so, several speakers mentioned that it was each of our duties, as followers of Jesus, to give 10% of our income, or tithe, to the church.

Why Should I Give Away My Money?

 I was really put off by these requests to give my money to people I didn’t know and for something I didn’t understand. I couldn’t believe this was something I was supposed to do as a Christian!
Why had nobody told me this before?
At the time, I didn’t put much stock into a bunch of wealthy people asking for my money, so I attended the rest of the conference, packed my bags, and got on a bus home with my friends.

A couple weeks later I heard it again. Tithe. At church, one of the senior pastors was giving a sermon about money and made reference that the Bible talks about money more than any other topic.

As he continued he talked about how God calls us to tithe, giving 10% of our income back to the church. I went from never hearing the word to hearing it twice in a few weeks.

It definitely got me thinking that I need to learn a little more about tithing.

What is a Tithe?

I quickly learned that everything those convention speakers said about tithing is true. A stiff dictionary definition says a tithe is one tenth of annual produce or earnings, given to the church or clergy.

Out of every dollar we earn, ten cents should go back to the church. If I make $40,000, I’m supposed to give $4,000 to the church?

That seems crazy! Think of all the things I could do with that extra $4,000!

  • I could pay off my car sooner
  • Pay more to my student loans
  • Buy a couple new dress shirts and ties
  • Go on a road trip or a vacation
  • Buy a fancy new guitar or two.

It seemed crazy and I wondered if people actually do this, and if so, why? It turns out that people actually DO tithe, and after not too long, I began tithing too.

Trusting God and Saying “Yes”

First and foremost, I tithe because God calls me to, He asks me to. Since He created everything in the world, it all belongs to Him.

Every. Single. Thing.

Even money. God gives us money to buy food, clothes, shelter, to give to others, and yes to enjoy!

God wants us to enjoy the money He gives us. But He also asks us to give 10% back to him. In tithing, we are being obedient to God.

It is a chance to say “yes” to Him. We are saying that He is good, and worthy, and faithful. It’s trusting Him, even when it might not make sense.

My wife and I have been budgeting for about three years now, making a plan for each dollar God gives us each month. It is not always easy, and has not always been fun.

In fact, there have been many times that our budget has brought us to tears, anger, and frustration. But in the end, a budget is something God called us to do, and we have found that good things happen when we say “yes” to Him.

Tithing Became a Non-Negotiable

Through all the ups and downs of budgeting, tithing has become a non-negotiable. No matter how close we were to just scraping by, and believe me, when we started, we were just scraping by, we still made it priority to tithe.

It would have been easy to move our tithe money someplace else to pay off bills, save for vacation, or invest.

But you know what happens when you are obedient? God shows up. The creator of the universe and the lover of your soul shows up in your life in very real ways. My wife and I have been amazed month after month at what God does in our finances.

God is An Amazing Financial Planner

I remember one month looking at our budget in Google Drive. I puzzled over the numbers for hours one afternoon because they didn’t add up.

According to our budget, we should have been losing money and going into debt. This was devastating. I couldn’t believe we let this happen!

But at the end of the month, we didn’t lose money. The numbers didn’t add up the way they should have.  It turned out that we had a surplus of over $200.

$200!? How? Where did the money come from?

As I added it up time and time again, the numbers didn’t lie. Our income hadn’t changed, our expenses hadn’t changed, but we were making more money than we were supposed to.

In the end, we had to attribute the extra money to Jesus. He tangibly showed up in our budget and blessed us.

For God, 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2. It equals whatever he wants it to equal. And that is what we have seen with our budget.

I am truly convinced that our debt free journey would not be as fast, fun, and successful if we didn’t tithe. Also, it’s so fun to give!

Always Choose to Trust God and Tithe

In the end, tithing has completely changed our lives, our budget, and our mission to be debt free. If tithing is a new idea to you, I urge you to start and see the positive impact on your life. You can’t go wrong obeying God in your finances.

Let Me Know in the Comments

Why do you tithe and how has it impacted your life? If you don’t tithe, what’s holding you back?

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  1. We also started tithing almost a year ago whwn we started to budget. We don’t look at money as being ours we look at it as Gods and we are allowed to manage it. Since we’ve been obediently tithing God has blessed us financially. I don’t get paid during the summet but we supplement my income by planting a large garden and sell produce. The end of June we had to replace our well pump costing $2400.00 then in July my husband hit a deer and having to come up with a $1000.00 deductible. We were able to pay for those things without touching any of the money we made selling produce and continued to tithe as if I was still collecting a paycheck. God is amazing and we cant figure out how we wete able to pay out $3400 . It pays to trust and be obedient to God!

    • That’s an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! Who knew a garden could be such a profitable side hustle! Do you have any big plans for the garden money?

  2. We tithe as well and are happy to know that our tithe is going to strengthen the church, share the live of Christ and help those in need. Our faith in the Lord supports us in all times. Even when I wrote the check and it was going to mean we might have financial distress for two weeks, it was written because “we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”

    • That’s really great Melissa. I think that perfectly reflects your trust in Jesus to provide, no matter what. That’s a great reminder of how good God is.

  3. We didn’t touch any of our garden money but tithed extra from regular budget to missions. We were able to live on just my husbands income for the summer so our plan is to pay off debt with my income. Garden money us our new emergency fund .

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