Gift Giving on Budget

How to Buy Gifts on a Budget

Giving is intended to be open handed and bring joy to both the giver and receiver. However, it can also be really stressful! There is so much pressure to get things right and not feel like a bozo for buying a bad gift. Not to mention, the number of occasions that require a gift seem endless. Whether it is baby or bridal showers, birthdays for family and friends, and in your own immediate family, gift giving is a constant. If you’re like me, your stress level is already rising and […]

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Build Trusting Intimate Marriage with Finances

One Secret to Financial Success and Building a More Trusting, Intimate Marriage

A great way to come together in budgeting is to combine your finances with your spouse and make all of your money decisions as a team. When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we made the decision to combine all of our finances, giving equal access to all of our bank accounts. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons we are so successful with our money. Not only have we had financial success, but we have seen many other advantages in our marriage, so for us, […]

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Hard Work Second Job Saved Finances

Getting a 2nd Job Saved Our Finances

I met my wife Jenna in college as we both started the Teacher Education Program at the University of Minnesota Duluth. After graduating we both found a job at the same school and worked our way up to being full time teachers. Educating young people is a passion we both share in life, and we truly love that we get to help shape young minds for a living. However, teaching middle school isn’t our only job. Even before we got married, we both sought out a second job to supplement […]

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Tithe Church Giving

Why We Tithe

The first time I heard the word tithe I was twenty four years old. I was just out of college and was at a business convention in Dallas. I was attending a morning church service, led by several speakers at the conference and I knew none of them had a background in ministry or theology. Even so, several speakers mentioned that it was each of our duties, as followers of Jesus, to give 10% of our income, or tithe, to the church. Why Should I Give Away My Money?  I […]

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Debt Free Living Alaska Hike

Why We Stopped Going Out to Eat

I have been actively following Jesus for about six years, and Jenna for much longer. As followers of Jesus, we want to worship God with every part of our lives, including our finances and how we spend our money. We have found that when we say “yes” to what Jesus asks us to do, He does amazing things in our lives. One Decision Change Our Lives A few years ago, Jenna revealed to me that she felt Jesus telling her that she would be debt free in five years. I […]

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Start a Budget to Save Money

Why Did I Start Budgeting?

I am excited to start my first ever blog mini-series! My next few posts are going to focus on why I started a budget and the decisions my wife Jenna and I have made to get us out of debt as fast as possible! I don’t have a fancy title for the series, simply “Choices We Made to Get Out of Debt.” I like this title because I believe getting out of debt takes many small choices, every day, to reach a much bigger goal. But before I get ahead […]

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Dream Job Planning for Debt

Is Your College Degree Worth the Massive Debt?

When I graduated high school, I was excited to go to college and eventually find my dream job, even though I didn’t know what it was yet. While in college I discovered that I have a passion for teaching and coaching! I knew my dream job was to be a History Teacher and to coach basketball! I was lucky to quickly find a job working at a school as a paraprofessional, and within a couple years a spot opened up to teach 6th Grade History!!! Not only that, but I […]

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Google Sheets Creates Open Communication

Disclaimer: I have written this post only because I so enjoy using Google Drive and Google Sheets and want to share it with you. I have not been compensated in any way for my thoughts or for this post. Getting Started with Microsoft Excel One of the best ways to ensure the entire family is onboard with your budget is simple. There needs to be open communication about your budget, and everyone needs to be able to access the budget quickly and easily. I created my first budget in 2013 […]

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