Investing for Retirement

How a Boring 401(k) Meeting Changed My Life Forever

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I would earn a little money with no extra cost to you. The opinions expressed are my own. Read my disclaimer to learn more. I’m excited to bring you a fantastic new post by Chuck over at Retire Gen X. He’s super passionate about helping people retire smarter and for 20 years, has worked at companies that specialize in helping people save and invest for retirement. I’d say we have a solid expert on our hands here. Enjoy, and Happy Monday! ~ Jamie For most of us, the […]

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Creating a Financial System

Key to Financial Freedom: Setting Up a System to Succeed

I’ve got an awesome guest post for you today from Kathy Mason, a Finance Coach and Blogger! I’m excited for her to share her wisdom on the keys to financial freedom and how to set up a great system for success! Enjoy! ~ Mr. Jamie Griffin Whether it is getting out of debt or beginning to start a nest egg, setting fixed and achievable goals should be your first step. Below are 5 tips to getting you started in moving in the right direction: 1. Set Goals Immediately Delaying when […]

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