Start a Budget to Save Money

Why Did I Start Budgeting?

I am excited to start my first ever blog mini-series! My next few posts are going to focus on why I started a budget and the decisions my wife Jenna and I have made to get us out of debt as fast as possible! I don’t have a fancy title for the series, simply “Choices We Made to Get Out of Debt.” I like this title because I believe getting out of debt takes many small choices, every day, to reach a much bigger goal. But before I get ahead […]

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Car Repairs and Emergency Funds

How to Take the Stress Out of Car Repairs

I love new things! My wife and I just bought a new house and moved in last week! It’s awesome, cute, adorable, and already feels like home! With our new house, we are learning all about our new neighborhood, meeting new neighbors, and figuring out the best new routes to get to and from all of our normal hangouts. Our new house and neighborhood even have new smells to get use to. But there is one new thing that I absolutely do not love, and that is new sounds my […]

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Envelope System Save Money

The Rollover

“When is a good time to call? On the weekends or anytime after 9:00 during the week, that is when my free minutes start.” In the current days when virtually all cell phone plans have unlimited talk and text anytime, this opening conversation has gone extinct, along with the phone plans that went along with it. Before unlimited talk and text began there was a beautiful concept called the “rollover” plan. A great feature of this plan involved rollover minutes, where any minutes that you didn’t use during a particular […]

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Start a Budget

My First Budget

I want to start a budget, but I don’t know how Starting a budget can change your life. Seriously! I have been consistently budgeting for about three years, and it truly has changed my life and my finances. If you have financial goals but feel like they are so far away or unattainable because of credit card debt, student loans, a low income, or any other combination of factors, then I believe that creating a budget is a great place to start managing your finances. Now, a budget isn’t a […]

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