Chicken and Sushi - Can You Stop Going Out to Eat for 30 Days?

Can You Stop Going Out to Eat for 30 Days?

One of the cornerstone pieces of Jenna and me paying off $73,000 of student loans in less than 4 years came from a single decision. We chose to trust Jesus when He asked us to stop going out to eat. It sounded crazy, radical, and downright impossible. But we said yes, and it’s been life changing. Eating Out vs. Cooking Family Dinners Eating out is easy, convenient, and much more efficient than cooking meals at home. There’s no preparation and no clean up. However, you’re paying for a service and […]

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Cheap Frugal Food Budget

Food is Expensive! How We Survive on $60 a Week

Everyone has to eat. Period. Thank you Captain Obvious. But how much you spend and where you shop varies dramatically. Also, I feel like the prices of food are always going up and our dollars just don’t stretch as far as they used to. It might not actually be true, but I often look in my cart and am shocked by how little I can buy. My family sticks to a pretty tight budget, so for us, price matters, and so does where we buy food. I am going to […]

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