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Create a budget that focuses on your goals, values, and priorities.

Learn to budget, start saving money, and get out of debt with your debt snowball spreadsheet.

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Debt Snowball Spreadsheet

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Our (free!) debt snowball spreadsheet can help you find find your debt free date and create an organized way to track all of your debt (and pay it off waaay fast).

Sinking Fund Tracker

Create a plan to save more money every month. You can save for a buncha goals and track how much you’ve saved for each one, in ONE easy to use spreadsheet.

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Meet Jamie Griffin, Founder of Mr. Jamie Griffin, and Your #1 Fan to Budget & Get Out of Debt

We believe that a budget can change your life. It did for us.

We believe situations are temporary and your debt doesn’t need to run your life and make you miserable.

We believe you can pay off debt, save money, and have fun with your money.

We’re here to help you find a budget that reflects your values and helps you live a debt free life.

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