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I think Yoda said it best, “Do or do not, there is no try.” If you are thinking about starting a blog, don’t mess around thinking about it, or trying it out. Either don’t start one, or as I recommend, do!

There is no better time to start a blog than now. The ease of the internet and social media makes it easier to get your blog noticed and share your story with the world. There are a few options available, but I want to recommend what I use and how it has helped my blog grow and become my own brand. That is Bluehost.

There are a lot of options to start a blog, but I believe that some are better than others. You can opt for a free blogging service like Blogger. Other platforms offer a free service as well, such as Weebly, WordPress, and Wix. I actually started my blog on Blogger last summer when my church was offering a cheap class to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog with Bluehost and WordPress
Don’t be intimidated to get started. You’ll learn so much while you’re actually blogging. You don’t need to know it all right away.

The leader showed us how to use Blogger. For the most part it worked for my basic purposes of writing and sharing some basic content, but the options were very limited to create and make it my own. Maybe you are only looking for something basic and will opt for that.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to turn it into a stream of income, a free platform is not the way to go. Invest the money to get your own domain name and a shared hosting platform like Bluehost.

Why Did I Choose Bluehost?

After 6-7 months of tinkering around on Blogger, writing occasionally and hoping and praying that people would find my blog (which they won’t if you use a free platform), I finally spent the money to get my own website. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, Bluehost is really affordable.

Heck, starting a blog in the first place is a pretty cheap compared to other businesses. If you use my exclusive link, Bluehost will give you a pretty good discount on your startup, as low as $3.95 a month.

Here are a few reasons I chose Bluehost over the other paid hosting sites out there

Bluehost offers one free domain when you sign up.

This is the first step in creating your own brand and start making a name for your site. Choose something that stands out and is unique to what you want to do, or you can just name your blog after yourself like I did.

It’s also really easy to use for non-tech savvy people. If you are tech-savvy, it might be easier, but you can be literally a level zero and still make a beautiful website. A couple other features are free site builders and a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, you get 24/7 support, either over the phone or real time online chat with a bluehost representative.

I have not needed to use much support, but when I did, representatives responded quickly and solved my problems within a few minutes. Again, a shout out to non-techies, help is always close by when your website isn’t working the way you want it to.

Install WordPress with One Click

However, the best feature is the 1-click installation of WordPress. I mentioned earlier that WordPress offers a free website builder, but like Blogger, it will be tough for you to get your blog to show up in Google searches, and you don’t get your own unique domain.

WordPress is crazy easy to use, which is probably a big reason it is the most popular website builder used by bloggers. I had zero experience creating a website when I started, and while my website isn’t as fancy as others out there, it meets all of my blogging needs and I didn’t need to pay for any extra themes or templates.

How to Start a Blog with Bluehost and WordPress
It’s time to blast off into the world of blogging. Yep, couldn’t resist a cheesy pun!

You can install WordPress with just one click and then once it’s installed, you can go to town on your site. I want to mention that it may take up to 24 hours for WordPress to fully install, so be prepared for that possibility. I didn’t realize that and became really frustrated.

Installing Bluehost

Step 1: Use my exclusive link to be sent to the discounted options. Click Here

Okay, now let’s get down to business and install Bluehost.

When you click the “Get Started Now” button, you’ll be shown three plan options. Each one is discounted and offers various benefits. I recommend the “Plus” option, which is what I started with. It is a little pricier than the basic, but it offers more powerful capabilities. Decide which option works best for you.

Step 2: Pick a Domain Name

This is kind of a big step and I avoided getting started because I couldn’t think of a domain that I really liked. In the end, I chose something with my name in it, and I love it. Find something that you love and go for it. If it is available, you can move forward.

Next up is choosing the length of your plan, and other optional services Bluehost offers. The biggest discounts ($3.95/month) are applied for longer plans. I went with a two year plan that I can choose to renew later.

Step 3: Install WordPress

After you purchase your plan you will be brought to the dashboard and control panel of Bluehost. Find the WordPress symbol and simply click to install. It is a pretty simple installation, but might take up to 24 hours to complete. Then, Boom! You’re done!

Now you can tinker around to find a theme and fully customize your website. Choose between free and paid options and let the fun begin!

Are You Ready to Start Your Blog?

If you want to start a serious blog, pay the money to get a hosting plan. It gives you so many more options and the earning potential to monetize your blog in the future. Start your own blog today! 

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