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Isn’t it a little late in the year for setting goals?

Probably. But when big life events happen, it’s time to refocus.

On March 2, 2018, our beautiful daughter was born.

Her name is Adalynn Jane and she is adorably chunky, and I’m so in love with her. And we got our wish of red hair! 🙂

I absolutely love being a Dad and it’s been a true joy watching my wife become a Mom. I mean, seriously, I have a beautiful little girl who will be my daughter forever. It’s incredible.

While I already love talking about my daughter and showing her off, my real reason for writing this particular post is to lay down my dreams for this blog and my family.

I’ve been building this site for a little more than a year now, and I love sharing my life and story with you. It’s incredible to hear positive stories of how this blog has impacted peoples’ lives and helped turn their finances around.

The reason I do this is to change lives and families. 

My family is the most important thing in my life and I’m going to work my tail off to make our goals and dreams come true. The birth of our daughter has reinvigorated my drive to make this blog explode and reach as many families as I can. This matters to much to do it half way.

Our Family Goals and Dreams

Raise a Beautiful Daughter

I asked my wife what our goals and dreams are as a family and she immediately responded saying, “raise a beautiful daughter” so I felt compelled to include it. 🙂

Now that our beautiful Adalynn is here, we are so honored to be her parents. Like any parents, we want her to grow up with all the opportunities in the world. We want her to be successful, independent, and overall a kind, caring person with a great moral compass.

Blogging Goals
Holding my daughter for the first time was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.

It’s amazing to stare at her and dream of who she will be when she grows up. I think she can change the world, and I want her to dream big and go after those dreams.

Stop Working Second Jobs

This is a pretty short term goal. My wife stopped working her second job in January as her due date approached, but I’m still working every week as a bartender. I’d love for Jenna to never need to go back to working more than one job.

While our second jobs have made a world of difference in our lives, I’m ready to move on. I want to spend more time doing something I truly care about, like grow this blog and spend time with my family.

Have the Freedom and Options to do What We Love

Now that we’re debt free, we’ve experienced a little bit more freedom in our choices. However, our jobs and specifically income, still limit our possibilities. Let me give you a couple examples.

1. I love teaching and impacting student lives. It’s a true calling for me and brings me a ton of joy. However, there’s so much other “red tape” that gets in the way of truly teaching students and impacting them. I feel incredibly limited and like I’m not truly impacting young lives and more importantly their futures.

Plus, two teaching incomes is incredibly small compared to the size of our dreams and goals. Our dreams and goals are actually pretty modest, but even being debt free we feel like we can’t get ahead.

2. I really want to be around to watch my daughter grow up. There are so many “first” moments that happen early in her life and I want to be around for as many as I can. Like I mentioned earlier, my family is the most important thing in my life and I plan on being present for them.

I work long hours as a teacher, and even more hours with my second job. The more I work, the less time I get to spend with my family and watching my daughter grow up.

Blogging Goals
Who wants to miss adorable moments like this? Our pup Gregg found his new best friend.

3. My wife loves to cook and bake but turns out those things are expensive if you want the right equipment and ingredients. Unfortunately the big ticket items aren’t in our budget to let her fully explore her passion.

Investing in Family and Friends

The last few years we’ve sacrificed a lot to pay off our student loans. Part of that sacrifice was spending less time with family and friends. Sadly we don’t have any family in town so we need to travel to spend time with them. Our strict budget forced us to limit travel and spending extra money.

We want to see them more. I want our daughter to know her cousins, her aunts and uncles, and her grandparents. We can’t expect them to always come to us, so we need to free up time and money to go to them. Again, I think this blog is the answer to that. I’ve seen other bloggers I look up to make a great living with their blog, and I am confident I can do the same.

How I’m Going to Make it Happen

A few years ago a friend and pastor had a prophetic word for me. He prayed over me that I would “build cities”. For a long time I didn’t know what he was talking about or what that meant for my life.

Today I was thinking about my vision for my future as a blogger and entrepreneur, and I felt that phrase hit me again. I’m not sure how it relates, but it struck a chord. This year I will do everything I can to help families become debt free and build a financial legacy for their families. My plan is pretty straightforward.

1. Write Content that Matters

If it doesn’t make a difference, who’s going to read it? Easy answer, nobody. I’m going to stretch myself to keep finding content that people care about and impacts lives. A few big topics that have been on my heart will hit the blog this year.

  1. Biblical perspectives on money and faith based finances
  2. Family values and family finances
  3. Relationships and money
  4. More money saving and budgeting tips

I will definitely keep cranking out content on budgeting, saving money, and being smart with money, but I also believe these topics will provide a ton of value for families and change lives.

2. Bring in More Guest Posts

I’ve had several amazing guest posts on Mr. Jamie Griffin so far this year, and they’ve been huge hits! I love sharing my story, but at some point people might get sick of reading it, haha.

By bringing in other amazing bloggers, I can present different perspectives and experiences. I want to give you a well rounded take on all things money. Plus, there are a TON of great bloggers out there cranking out amazing content!

3. Create Courses and Guides

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve taken a few blog courses that have had amazing impact on my blog and my life. I know I can bring a ton of value and practical tools for you to create a budget you love, get out of debt, and build a foundation of secure finances.

The first “course” idea I’m pursuing is a free “Start a Budget from Scratch” email course. The biggest hurdle for a lot of people turning their finances around is creating a budget. That can be a hard thing to do and takes a lot of work if you don’t know where to start.

I’ve sat down with several people and helped them create a budget. The problem though is I was doing most of the hands on work in a system that made sense to me. It’s no wonder those budgets didn’t stick.

It’s the classic catch a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. I think this email course can do that. It will break down the steps to create a budget in a way that makes sense to you, because that’s the part that matters. Plus you’ll get the hands on experience of making it yourself.

I’m going to start working on it this month, and will give you a more exact timeline once I get started.

I’m really excited about it and think it is a great first step for families to start turning their finances around. My first budget truly changed my life.

Once I get in the trenches making this course, I want to expand and make more practical courses that truly make a difference in lives.

Putting Our Lives in Perspective

When I first held my daughter, my heart filled with hopes and dreams for her, and for our family. I’ve been thinking about these goals for a while without action. I’m done sitting on the sidelines letting life happen to me. I’m going to start “building cities” in 2018. Look out everybody, here comes Mr. Jamie Griffin.

Let Me Know in the Comments

What else would you like to see on the blog this year?

Our budget and goals changed our lives. I hope it can change yours too. Tap the giant picture of my face to get your budget spreadsheet and debt log today.

Tap your favorite social media button and share if you found value. I really appreciate your support!

Do you have blogging goals for 2018?

16 Responses

    1. Thanks Mike! I felt pretty fired up writing it! Might not be the best grammar and quality, haha. But I feel good about where things are going!

  1. Congrats again on the new addition to your family! There is nothing like becoming a father to bring life into focus. Sounds like you’ve got some great goals and vision for the blog. Looking forward to tracking your successes!

  2. Congratulations, Jamie & Jenna, on your adorable baby girl!
    She already looks like she’s three months old and raring to go!
    And red hair–all this and heaven, too!

    I so admire your meticulous goals and plans! Good job!

    Blessings on you–all Three!


  3. Congratulations on the little one (she’s adorable!), and from what it sounds – your renewed sense of purpose!

    I can remember how motivating it was to be better and do better when my son was born. I can remember wanting to spend every moment with him and my wife, while at the same time wanting to do so much to make things better for him by working hard. It’s a balancing act, one I’m not sure I’ve mastered.

    We’ve got a little girl on the way in less than a month, so I’ll be right there with you on the sleepless nights, etc.

    Kudos to you on fatherhood -and on the vision for the coming year! God bless!

    1. Thanks Peter! It really is a balancing act and it’ll take a lot of practice to make it work well. Let’s hope we both get there someday ?

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful baby! I would love to see a post on how things are tight even when debt free.

  5. Congratulations again on the new family member Jamie! I wasn’t aware that you and your wife were both working two jobs, you two have got some mad hustle!

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