35 Sinking Fund Categories Ideas to Help Your Budget

sinking fund categories feature image

Do unexpected expenses give you a sense of impending doom? Are you tired of sweating through your clothes every time your car starts making a strange noise?  Fear not, my friend! Sinking funds are here to save the day (and your budget). Think of sinking funds, and your sinking fund categories as little money-saving superheroes.  […]

How to Stop Impulse Buying (10 Steps)

How to stop impulse buying

We’ve all been there.  You see something and you HAVE to have it. It wasn’t on your list, you didn’t plan to buy it when you went shopping, but it ended up in your bag anyway. So how do you even start to control impulse buying? Avoiding impulse spending starts with an intentional game plan […]

How to Budget for Couples Living Together 

Budget as a couple living together featured image

When you’re in a relationship, you have to start thinking about how to manage shared expenses and budget together. But combining finances isn’t as easy as it sounds, and even couples living together for a long time struggle to budget money together. If you’re living together with your partner and are struggling to manage your […]