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Debt Free Playbook

My guide to help you organize your debt and make a plan to get debt free....FAST!

What if you had a plan to pay off your debt (without all of the stupid freaking stress) that feels manageable, and will help you become debt free waaayyyy faster than you could imagine? 

The Debt Free Playbook can help you cut YEARS off of your debt repayment so you can use your hard earned money for things you actually care about.

We used the strategies in this playbook to pay off $100K in 5 years on two teacher salaries.

Debt gets in the way of having fun with your money and delays your dreams and goals. And that sucks!

The Debt Free Playbook will tell you exactly when you’ll be debt free, and the good news is, it’s a lot sooner than you think.

You can get completely set up in less than 30 minutes. Ready to discover your debt free date?

What's included in the Debt Free Playbook?

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet Template

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet Setup Video

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet in Action

Strategies for Extra Payments & Increasing Debt Payments

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Open up the spreadsheet and start right away. Why wait? Your debt isn’t going to pay itself, and now you have an easy to use tool to organize your debt and pay it off fast.

No spreadsheet experience required. I show you everything you need to get set up.

Need a little extra help setting up your debt snowball spreadsheet? I got you.

This set up video will help you set your debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 MINUTES.

Now what if you could get debt free faster? Want to cut YEARS off of your debt repayment? 

This video will help you do that. And it’s simple to implement. It’s the same process and strategy we used to pay off $100k of debt in 5 years.

What…It’s an extra paycheck month? You just got a tax return? You found a way to pay $25 extra dollars a month to your debt? 

Sweet. This video shows you how to implement these adjustments in your debt snowball spreadsheet. $25 can save you years of being in debt.

This product IS for you if…

How much is this going to cost me?

A lot of value (& bonuses) for a low price

Debt Free Playbook

Get debt free fast. Complete step by step guide (plus bonuses)
$ 27
  • Debt Snowball Spreadsheet
  • 20 Minute Set Up Guide
  • See Your Debt Snowball in Action
  • How to Configure Lump Sums/Increasing Minimum Payments
  • Sinking Fund Tracker to Help Save Money
  • Guide to do an Annual Budget Review
  • Bill Checklist - No more Late Fees
  • Debt Free Thermometer Printable
  • Cheap Date Nights Printable
Great Value