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Want to save money, but cash envelopes aren’t working?

What if you could save money without using the traditional cash envelope system.

Maybe you’ve heard people raving about how much money you can save with cash envelopes. I first heard about them from the Dave Ramsey blog back in 2013.


carrying around cash is annoying, inconvenient, and might make you feel uncomfortable.

With Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes, you can get all the benefits of cash envelopes without carrying around a single dollar.

That means:

The best news? Qube Money created a proven system that is WAY easier to use. You can manage everything from a simple app on your smartphone.

The average user saves $440 a month.

Qube Money

I’m a HUGE fan of the cash envelope system to save money. We used cash envelopes for years to stay on budget and plan our spending intentionally. 

A big misconception about budgeting and using cash envelopes is that it’s limiting and restricting your spending. While any system of budgeting limits your spending to a degree, that’s not the point.

The point of budgeting and using cash envelopes is to reorient your money so you’re spending money on your goals and highest priorities. 

That means planning your spending intentionally and not overspending. 

We worked hard (and smart) to create a budget that allowed us to meet all of our needs, and focus all of our extra savings on getting out of debt.

And cash envelopes were a big secret to our success. And with Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes, the entire system is even easier for you.

If you’re looking for a budget that works, try this monthly budget spreadsheet. It’s only $5 and could save you a lot of hassle trying to make your own.

It even comes with video instructions like this image shows.

What is the Cash Envelope System, and How Does it Help People Save Money?

There are a few principles behind the cash envelope system. 

Using the cash envelope system is a proven way to help you save money, create better spending habits, and stick to your budget.

I can attest to this because it worked for us. We learned how to be intentional with our spending and focus our dollars on the things that provided value and aligned with our goals.

Getting out of debt and saving money for trips, a house, and starting a family.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s really slick and efficient once you get it set up.

Here are a few reasons I LOVE the cash envelope system:

Thousands of people have used the cash envelope system and it sticks around because it works. But it has plenty of drawbacks and small annoyances that are eliminated with Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes. 

Read this for a more in depth overview of the cash envelope system.

The Problems with the Cash Envelope System

While the cash envelope system helps thousands of people, my family included, save money, it has quite a few drawbacks that keep people from experiencing its impact.

And I’ve always wished for a system of digital cash envelopes.

I’d much rather keep track of my envelopes on my phone. Which is why I’m SO excited about Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes.

First, it’s really inconvenient to carry cash.

My Dad is one of the only people I know who always has cash on him. 

Most people don’t like carrying cash, especially in large amounts, around with them every day. There’s always the chance you lose or misplace your envelope, or it could get stolen. 

And if you’re using multiple cash envelopes in the same shopping trip, it can be difficult to manage all of them or fit them in your wallet. And for people who don’t carry a purse, an envelope doesn’t fit well in a wallet or pocket.

It’s easy to forget cash envelopes at home.

I’ve been there, and it’s SO annoying. Or you bring one envelope, but while you’re shopping you realize you need dish soap and that envelope is at home. 

Now what?

You have to either wait to buy the extra things, which might be just fine and be another hidden trick to help you save money. Or you end up using your debit or credit card anyway.

This actually happened to us a lot. Sometimes we just waited to buy the dish soap or whatever it was, and sometimes we swiped a card and deposited the cash later.

There are workarounds when you forget your cash, but it’s annoying. And it’s a problem that Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes solves easily.

It’s a hassle to withdraw money from banks and ATMs

When we used cash envelopes, we built a running knowledge of all of the closest ATMs. It creates extra trips to get cash, extra stops that lengthen your shopping trips, and a lot of people just prefer to use a debit card. 

And don’t even get me started on ATM fees!

Using a debit card requires less steps and less hassle.

I would argue that that is entirely the point of using cash envelopes though. It creates extra checkpoints where you need to plan intentionally what you’re going to buy and how much you’re willing to spend on it.

It’s one of the biggest ways to reduce wasteful spending. Extra checkpoints is one reason we keep a big chunk of our emergency fund in an online savings account. It’s harder to withdraw, and we earn a lot more money in interest.

Why is Qube Money Better than Cash Envelopes?

Qube Money utilizes the same system as cash envelopes, but uses digital cash envelopes instead. It’s the perfect system to overcome all the roadblocks of traditional cash envelopes. 

Qube Money creates digital cash envelopes that give you the tools and power to save money with none of the hassle. 

And it gets rid of stress and anxiety.

“Since I have started, I don’t have that end of the month anxiety. It was just simply by using the system that anxiety—that money anxiety—is  gone.” – Chris

How Does Qube Money Digital Cash Envelopes Work?

The power of digital cash envelopes is through the creation of intentional habits and choices.

As I mentioned before, the first step to creating any cash envelope system is choosing the budget categories you’re going to pay for with cash. 

I recommend starting with flexible spending budget categories. And once you choose your budget categories, you’re ready to set up your Qube Money digital cash envelopes. 

If you’re not sure which categories to start with, you can use our cash envelope budget categories. 

Here’s a quick look at my digital cash envelope Qubes.

I set up my account, linked my bank account, and created Qubes in less than 5 minutes.

It’s SO easy!

How do you set up your digital cash envelopes with Qube Money?

The process to set up your digital cash envelopes (Qubes) is pretty simple. Follow these four steps.

1. Choose your digital cash envelope budget categories (Qubes) ahead of time

If you’re not sure where to start, you can use the list I created above, and add your own.

Any flexible expenses are great, and make sure you customize it to the budget categories you actually spend money on.

2. Decide how much money to budget for each Qube

A huge part of any budgeting system involves choosing a set amount to spend for each budget category. This is simple for bills because those are usually fixed amounts every month. But your flexible expense categories depend on your goals and priorities. 

Are you big into eating, fresh, healthy food? Your grocery budget will probably be higher than other categories. Do you want to cook meals at home and avoid restaurants (especially with Covid)? You can create a much smaller eating out digital cash envelope. 

These will be very personal choices for you, and it depends on what your short and long term goals are. If you’re not sure how much you spend, or how much you want to spend, make an estimate and after a few months you can adjust.

3. Transfer money to your Qubes

You can do this right in the app once you connect it to your bank account. The touch of a few buttons can put your budgeted amount in each Qube, and then you’re set to shop with your digital cash envelopes.

I did an ACH transfer and it takes 48 hours to complete the transfer. You can also deposit a physical check directly to the app and into your Qube cash cloud.

Your cash cloud keeps your money in one place so you can send it to each of your Qubes directly.

4. Open the app at check out

When you’re ready to swipe your Qube Money debit card, open the app, choose the correct Qube and the money transfers immediately to your debit card. 

Then swipe away, grab your receipt, and the money transfers back to your Qube leaving a $0 balance on your debit card.

There’s a video at the bottom of this article of the CEO using Qube Money in real time. It’s pretty dang cool.

That’s it! Rinse and repeat.

The major work lies in creating your Qube Money budget categories and choosing how much you want to spend with each digital cash envelope.

Once you do that, it’s simple and repeatable.

And the longer you use your digital cash envelopes, the better money habits you’re going to create

When you create healthy money habits, it’s a lot easier to pursue your goals of saving money and spending money on what matters the most.

Qube Money’s digital cash envelopes creates a series of checkpoints that leads to more intentional spending. 

Whenever you make a purchase, you can ask yourself, “does this align with my goals and priorities?” If the answer is yes, it’s a lot easier and more fulfilling to open your Qubes and swipe your card.

Need help creating budget categories or managing your budget? 

Buy this Monthly Budget Spreadsheet for $5 and read this article on how to create a budget based on your values, goals, and priorities.

How Much Does Qube Money Cost?

Right now, Qube Money is in beta testing and isn’t available to everyone just yet.


When it becomes available in early 2021, it will range from $0 – $15 a month depending on the plan you choose.

While you can get started for $0 a month, I want to warn you that the features are limited. It might be a great way to test it out before committing to a better plan.

Most people will fit into the $8 or $15 a month plan. 

The Premium plan for $8 a month is great for single people and couples without kids. You can set up unlimited Qubes and you and your partner each get a Qube Visa debit card to budget together.

Families with kids will be best suited for the Family plan at $15 a month that allows for your kids to have their own cards. It’s a great way to include them on your family budget conversations and teach them the value of intentional spending.

If you’re worried about spending money every month on your digital cash envelope system, I want to remind you that the average user saves $440 a month after switching to Qube Money. 

So yes, it costs a few dollars a month, BUT you’ll save hundreds of dollars by using the digital cash envelope system. That’s a good tradeoff. 

How Do I Sign up for Qube Money Digital Cash Envelopes?

Say goodbye to counting money for your envelopes

The process is simple, and if you’ve ever used a banking app, it will feel like second nature. If you haven’t used a banking app, it’s still pretty easy to get started.

Step 1: Go to Qube Money.

Qube Money launched in January 2021 and is available to everyone in the United States. Click “get started” to create your account.

And don’t worry about the costs right away – there is a “Basic Plan” which is free. You can upgrade to a paid plan later if it’s a better fit for your family.

Step 2: Complete the approval and verification process.

This is similar to a bank approval to open an account and takes about 5 minutes. You need to be a US citizen, have an email address, and be 18 or older to be approved.

Step 3: After approval, download the Qube Money app. 

You’ll get an email with an invitation to download the app.

Step 4: Log into the Qube Money app to set up your account.

You’ll need to do a few things, but it’s a pretty simple process.

I got to be a beta tester and it was so fun to start a new budgeting journey and see the power of digital cash envelopes. Qube Money is perfect for busy families who are trying to save money and stick to a budget.

I first met the Qube Money team in 2018 and have been dreaming of using this app since then. It’s amazing that it’s here and has the power to change so many lives!

That’s something to get excited about!

Is Qube Money Safe to Use?


Qube Money is an online banking institution and has all of the security and protection of the banks you already use.

Also, Qube Money issues you a Visa debit card, which is great in two ways.

  1. It’s a Visa card so it’s accepted almost anywhere
  2. The debit card carries a $0 balance until you activate your Qubes through the app at checkout

If you ever lose your card, you don’t have to worry about somebody spending your money. It’s physically impossible.

What if I Don’t Like it? Can I Get My Money Back?

Yes, you can get your money back if you’re unhappy with Qube Money and want to stop using it. .

It’s like buying a new shirt and wearing it with the tag for a couple days to see if you love it.

If it’s not your style, let Qube Money know and they’ll refund you.

You can get a refund for the months you paid the fee.

What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen if You Sign Up for Qube Money?

If you’re reading this after the app is released in 2021, you can cancel your Qube Money plan at any time and stop paying the monthly fees, and get your money back.

So really there’s no downside or wasted money for trying Qube Money.

But there’s always the flip side, what if you sign up for a Qube Money and IT WORKS!? 

It could change your life.

We’re living proof that the cash envelope system can dramatically change your spending habits and help you save more money (and we did it the old fashioned way with paper envelopes, cash withdrawals, and of course walking up hill in the snow both ways 😁)

Imagine what you can accomplish when your spending aligns with your goals and you reduce wasteful spending?!

Your money can be spent on the things you really care about, and that’s life changing.

How Can Qube Money’s Digital Cash Envelopes Change Your Life?

Digital cash envelopes are powerful tools to transform your finances. 

With this simple tool from Qube Money, you can:

If that sounds good to you, head over to Qube.com and get started.

Are You Ready to Save Money with Qube Money Digital Cash Envelopes?

I know from experience that cash envelopes can change your life and help you save money fast. 

When you save money and create healthy spending habits, you can use your money for what matters most. 

Qube Money can help, and it’s so easy to use. 

All you need to do is say yes.

What’s next? 

Head over to Qube Money and sign up to get your Qube debit card and start creating your “qubes”.

If you want to watch the app in action, watch this video of Qube Money’s CEO using the app in real life.

Now is a great time to create better money habits. Qube Money digital cash envelopes can change your life.

Our budget and goals changed our lives and it can change yours too.

Digital Cash Envelopes: How to Save Money with Qube Money

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