Resources and Recommendations

This page includes all of my favorite resources – some free, some paid – that can help you take control of your finances once and for all. I absolutely LOVE these tools, and every single one is something I’ve used personally or invested a lot of time vetting. 

I want to make sure the tools and resources I recommend are actually good, legit products that can change your financial life for the better. Money is hard and you don’t have to do it alone. Find the tools that will help you budget, save money, and get out of debt forever. It’s time to go get that debt free life.

Important Note: Some of these recommendations are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you sign up or purchase – at no cost to you. I won’t recommend or partner with anything don’t believe in it.

The Debt Free Playbook

Guide to create a plan and get out of debt Fast

The Debt Free Playbook can help you cut YEARS off of your debt repayment so you can use your hard earned money for things you actually care about. Set up a debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and use all the bonus videos to help you stay organized and create a rock solid plan for getting debt free.

Tiller Money


Only Tiller Money imports your daily spending, account transactions, and account balances directly into a Google or Excel Spreadsheet. Budgeting has never been easier. It’s time to put your budget on Auto-pilot.

Annual Budget Template

Create a budget to focus on what matters most

Need a budget spreadsheet to track your spending?

This annual budget spreadsheet helps you track ALL of your spending in one place. You have the power to change your finances forever, and an annual budget template can help you do just that. And it’s only $5.

With this digital download, you’ll get a fully customizable budget spreadsheet in Google Sheets or Excel. You’ll finally be able to track your spending and prioritize your finances to focus on goals that are important to YOU! 

Qube Money - Digital Cash Envelopes

Save money, reduce wasteful spending, stay on budget

The power of cash envelopes with none of the hassle. 

Easily manage your flexible spending and create healthy spending habits. Average users save $440 a month, which can be used to reach your life goals – getting out of debt, building a comfortable savings, and enjoying your money more.

UNest App - Invest Money for Your Child's Future

Help your kid achieve their dreams – not just for education

UNest is a remarkable company that makes it easy to start investing in your child’s future. All parents want to prepare their kids for success, and UNest makes it easy to set up a UTMA investment account to earn money until your child is an adult. The money can be used for college, a wedding, buying a house or car, or ANYTHING that benefits your child.

Facebook Side Hustle Course

make $1,000-2,000 managing fb Ads (no experience necessary)

Saving money is only part of the equation to get out of debt. Making more money helps a ton too. The Facebook Side Hustle Course (which I’m also a member of) teaches you everything you need to manage FB Ads for clients and make an extra $1,000-2,000 on the side.

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet

Make a plan to get out of debt today

Using a debt snowball spreadsheet helped us pay off $100K of debt in 5 years. It’s the best tool I’ve found to organize all of your debts in one place and create a plan to pay them off faster. If we followed the path of minimum payments it would’ve taken us 25 years to become debt free.

Think of a snowball rolling down a hill (cartoon style). As the snowball rolls it gets bigger and bigger, gaining speed and momentum. Eventually it’s so big and moving so fast, it crushes everything in its path.

That’s how a debt snowball works. When you pay off one debt, the payment snowballs into the next debt so you can pay it off faster. Then the next, and the next, and the next. Until you’re debt free. 


Earn money when you transfer money to your savings account

I LOVE SaverLife. They’re my new favorite company. 

SaverLife is a non-profit whose entire focus is to help you save money and create better habits with money through savings challenges, giving away money, and education.

It’s 100% free to signup and when you transfer money to your bank account, you qualify to win money FOR FREE from SaverLife. It’s simple. It’s smart. And it’s Free. Go sign up with SaverLife today.

Sinking Fund Tracker

Track all of your savings goals in One, easy to use, spreadsheet

Do you ever find yourself wondering – “How much have we saved for our vacation?” or “Do we have enough money saved up to buy a new couch?”.

I created this Sinking Fund Tracker to help you organize your savings goals in one place. 

Here’s the scoop – you have one savings account and more than one money goal, or sinking fund, that you’re saving for. This spreadsheet will help you keep all of your sinking funds separate so you know EXACTLY how much money you have earmarked for each savings goal. 

Weekly Meal Planner

Plan your meals in advance and save money

Learn to be efficient and organized with this weekly meal planner bundle.

You get 9 styles of meal planner printables so you can mix and match to suit your preferences. You’ll get shopping lists, weekly calendar planners, weekly meal and shopping list combos to take the stress out of meal planning and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Buy your digital downloads of this meal planner bundle straight from my Etsy shop.

45+ Personal Finance Experts Share Best Ways to Invest

Find the best way to start investing

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Learn from experts on different ways to begin investing and start building wealth for your family. There’s no “one right way” to invest. Find the best strategy for your family today.


Start saving for your child’s college 

Start saving for your child’s college tuition today. CollegeBacker is a fee-free 529 investment. You can share a link with family so they can contribute too! It’s simple to start and easy to share the gift of college with family.