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50/30/20 Budget Spreadsheet

50/30/20 Budget Spreadsheet

The 50/30/20 Budget Template is the easiest and most common budget for ANYONE looking to start a budget. It helps you divide your income into simple categories for NEEDS, WANTS, and SAVINGS/DEBT REPAYMENTS.

Done for You Budget

You tell me what to put into the budget, and I make the magic happen. When I'm done, I'll send it back to you ready to use with a short tutorial video to explain the ins and outs of your new budget.

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet Consult

Debt Snowball Consult

I want to do the heavy lifting for you and deliver a “done for you” debt snowball spreadsheet. You can hit the ground running with a personal debt snowball spreadsheet and video showing you how to use it.

1 on 1 Video Call

1 on 1 Video Call Support

Let's dive in and talk about your budget or debt snowball spreadsheet. I'll answer any questions you have and make sure your spending and savings align your money with your goals, values, and priorities in life.

Debt Free Playbook

Debt Free Playbook

A short video course designed to help you set up your debt snowball spreadsheet in 20 minutes and give you advanced strategies to become debt free FASTER!

Sinking Fund Tracker Spreadsheet

Sinking Fund Tracker

Your Sinking Fund Tracker keeps all of your savings goals separate and organized in an easy to use spreadsheet. We use it to keep track of all of our savings and have used it for YEARS.