Should You Get a Second Job to Pay Off Debt?

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Have you ever thought about getting a second job to help pay off debt? It sounds really exciting right?! Or maybe it sounds horribly time consuming. I met my wife Jenna in college as we both started the Teacher Education Program. After graduating we both found a job at the same school and worked our […]

Finding a Second Job that’s Right For You

How to find the right 2nd job. Working a second job really sucks at times, but it's also an amazing blessing to pay off our debt. How much difference does the right 2nd job make? Instead of four years, it would take at least double.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I would earn a little money with no extra cost to you. The opinions expressed are my own. Read my disclaimer to learn more. Are you looking for ways to make more money? Finding a second job isn’t at the top of most people’s priority list. Working a second […]